MC93F5632 - 8-bit Flicker-Free BLU MCU

ABOV Semiconductor released MC93F5632, an 8-bit Backlight Unit Controller MCU dedicated to LED TV applications. Integrating a 32KB Flash ROM, the product integrates following features: a local dimming generator, SYNC processor, LED driver, and a 12V -> 5V LDO. By int...  [Read more]

MC96F8204 - 8-bit General Purpose Flash MCU

ABOV Semiconductor released MC96F8204, an 8-bit general purpose MCU for portable device applications. The product integrates a 4KB Flash ROM and provides peripherals to meet various customer needs even in low-pin options. This MCUs strength is that it operates stabl...  [Read more]

MC96F1206 - 8-bit General Purpose Flash MCU

ABOV Semiconductor released MC96F1206, an 8-bit general purpose MCU. Its major applications are battery charge/discharge, and small home appliances. The product integrates a 6KB Flash ROM and provides an economical solution for various embedded system control. MC96F...  [Read more]

New Products & Tools
  • E-PGM+

    More Faster and Reliable
    USB interface
    65K Color TFT-LCD display

    [Learn more]
  • MC97F1316S

    CMOS Single chip 8-bit MCU
    12-bit ADC Digital Converter
    16KB ROM, 256B IRAM, 128B XRAM

    [Learn more]
  • NEX Generator

    HEX format for all of ABOV MCUs
    No need to set any of setting
    Device Info. and Config. Hex data

    [Learn more]
  • OCD

    Real time monitoring
    RAM breaker
    Runtime measurement

    [Learn more]
  • VPE

    Visual Programming Environment
    Auto generating code for MC9X
    based Language C source program

    [Learn more]
  • MC96F6432S

    Advanced CMOS 8-bit MCU
    32KB flash memory
    Low power consumption
    Highly flexible performance

    [Learn more]